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My Background

I've been blessed with the ability to follow my dreams at a young age and to learn and grow from those experiences. While my experience in the restaurant industry didn't end the way I had envisioned it, it provided me with the foundation and vision necessary to be much more successful in my career hadn't I dove in to that experience. 

I'm extremely resilient with an incredible drive that is often unmatched. I'm passionate about the work that I do and love the industry that I'm now in. Canopy Growth has given me the opportunity and tools to be successful in a new and exciting industry.



Background & Expertise


April 2019 - Present

In this role I’m responsible for all things inventory for Canopy’s retail brands Tokyo Smoke & Tweed. I work with operations to help develop our in-store & operational processes for anything that touches inventory. In our stores I help investigate variances in counts and also support struggling stores reach their inventory targets. From a reporting standpoint I’m tasked with building the tools that enable us to track each Shops’ KPIs, as well as being in charge of completing and submitting all of our monthly reports to each provincial government in which we have retail stores operating.

Because of my background in multiple industries, I'm also involved in supporting various retail projects that are outside of my current scope of work.


June 2018 - April 2019

I was one of the first two managers hired in Canada to launch recreational cannabis on October 17th 2018. Throughout my short but busy time here I've been relied upon to play an important role in mass hiring managers & sales staff across the province as well as assist in putting together the tools required for us to succeed in this new industry.

My responsibilities within the organization increase regularly from being trusted to help develop our scheduling software to being responsible for putting together all of our provincial reports for each retail shop across the country every month.


July 2014 - June 2018

The Fifth Ticket was a restaurant and piano bar that I had created from scratch in St. John's, Newfoundland. With this business I built a recognizable brand in this community. I had a 7,000 square foot space that I was able to utilize and create an unmatched experience. 

During the four years I owned and operated the restaurant we were able to win Gold Medal Plates in our province, a competition that highly regarded in the industry on a national level. We were also ranked in the top 100 restaurants from an overall ratings perspective in Canada on OpenTable (out of 2,300+ restaurants listed on the platform). These ratings come straight from the consumer's self-reported experience after they had dined with us.

Unfortunately a tough economy in Newfoundland meant having to make a difficult decision to close and move forward with my career in a different direction, fortunately that was with Canopy Growth Corporation.


March 2018 - June 2018

Fytics is a software company that focuses on inventory management software for restaurants. With my background in marketing & restaurants it was a natural fit for me to come onboard temporarily to assist them in putting together a sales strategy for their product.

Throughout my short time with Fytics I was able to redesign their website, update their blog content, and assist in revamping their sales process. I developed their Google Ad Campaign from scratch that seen immediate result. This enabled them to connect them with the decision makers in the restaurants they were seeking to get business with.



What I Think I’ve Learned


Completed at Memorial University of Newfoundland with a minor in Psychology, graduating with Honours.


“Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

St. Catherine of Sienna



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